Monday 28 May 2012

The First Post...

So, the summary above says it all, really. Too many books, so it's time to sell some. One day I'd like to be able to sell old books as a business, with a little shop and everything (as someone I admire once said, 'I love a little shop'), but for now, it'll be me choosing a title or so a week, writing about them here, and listing them on eBay. Look for the link to my current auctions on eBay... If you are from the future, and the listing has come and gone, email me. If the book is still available, I'll be happy to sell it to you!

I'm going to start off with a bit of a 'soft launch', and work out how to use this Blogger thing before I start inviting too many people to come and have a read, but this first book is not without interest: a first edition of Dennis Wheatley's To The Devil A Daughter, complete with an unclipped (and bonkers) dustjacket. It's in reasonable nick for its age, and I've given it a 99p opening price on eBay, which ain't bad considering some chancers on ABEbooks want several hundred dollars for a 'fine' copy...

This isn't a copy from Wheatley's own library (I'd be asking a tad more than 99p if it were...) but books which did come from that source, as these posts on the excellent Bookride blog explain, have a fantastic bookplate.

Imagine pasting that into the front of every book you own!

I'll admit to not having read To The Devil A Daughter, but I have seen Hammer's 1976 film adaptation, featuring a young Nastassja Kinski, and Christopher Lee giving a masterfully understated performance which must rank as one of his creepiest.