Monday 13 October 2014

A Philip K. Dick Panther Cover Gallery, Or, Have A Look At My Dick.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a second hand book dealer in possession of a good-sized pile of Philip K. Dick books will not be in want of customers.

Sure enough, the selection of PKD titles which arrived in the Little Shop last week has all but disappeared already, but not before hours of fun were had with such quips and badinage as:

"Check out the size of my Dick!"
"My Dick has just grown a lot bigger."
"I love a bit of Dick."
"I'm going to put my Dick in the window."

Et cetera, et cetera... Alas, my Dick has now shrunk back to normal.

Most of the books that came and went were recent UK paperback printings, from the last ten years or so. While they were perfectly nice to look at, I think the 1970s UK paperbacks, published under the Panther Science Fiction imprint, have the edge. Reason enough to see how many of their covers I can find lurking online... (I'm sure this is far from complete though).

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