Monday 6 April 2015

An Art Deco Thing of Beauty From 1929

A gallery of wonderful art deco images from an 86 year old periodical this week.

Copies of Advertising Display Magazine are rare as hen's teeth these days, it appears. The generic title doesn't help when googling, but I can find no copies whatsoever for sale online, and only a couple of hits even confirming the title's existence (the cover of a later issue on pinterest here and another copy held in the collection of a design museum here).

The copy which has arrived in the Little Shop is from May 1929. It's a trade publication, essentially advertising ways to advertise. There are articles on shop displays, some examples of printing processes, and even some paper samples bound in at the back. The visuals are mouthwatering, if you like a bit of 1920s style. Here's a selection of pages, including a photo of some Austrian caricature statuettes of film stars, including Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton, which I imagine would go for very serious money if any ever surfaced today... Mind you, as a piece of deco design and advertising history, the magazine itself is far from worthless! (Yes, I'm open to offers...)

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