Sunday, 5 July 2015

These 1960s British 'Battle' Trading Cards Make 'Mars Attacks' Look Tame

One of the Little Shop's current eBay auctions is for a complete set of  World War 2 'Battle' bubblegum cards, produced in Britain in 1966 by A&BC. Considering they were aimed at kids, they're horrifyingly violent, especially given their age. They're the sort of vision of the war that the comics Victor and indeed Battle (no relation) presented to their hungry young readers, but turned up to 11. They are also quite evidently inspired in some cases by Topps' 'Mars Attacks' cards from 1962 (in my opinion).

If I'd been collecting these when I was 8, I would have thought they were *brilliant*.

Below is a selection of the 73 cards, including the four which were apparently 'banned' and withdrawn from circulation: 'Confession By Force', 'Death Blow', 'Fiery Death' (compare this with the Mars Attacks card 'Destroying a Dog') and 'The Torture Chamber'. Mind you, that doesn't mean that the others aren't pretty full-on. Check out 'School Bombing'!


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