Monday, 21 December 2015

X-Wings over Derwentwater: Star Wars in the Lake District

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has finally been released, and has predictably smashed records worldwide. I went to see it on Friday night in Penrith, and was very happy to be feel like a seven year-old again. It is a proper Star Wars film. (And without going into spoilers, one rather major event in the plot was predicted on this very blog nearly a year ago...)

It's not just Withnail and I... the Lake District is now firmly on the list of must-visit Star Wars locations: as this brilliantly put together video shows...


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  2. I'm truly frustrated, the movies were so built up yet it genuinely sucked. The old movies were a lot better with a working idea. Presently they're simply utilizing the same idea from the more elder movies.