Sunday 9 October 2016

Dune, 2015 Folio Society first edition.

For years, I was a member of the Folio Society. Sucked in by an opening deal which provided great value for money, I then bought the requisite minimum of books, and let my membership lapse. They had my address though, so roughly every two weeks (it certainly felt that regular) I would get a new offer, a new catalogue, a new leaflet. Once a year they'd do a "go on then, everything's half price, and you only need to buy one book" sale, and I would usually go for something. Folio Society books are lovely things, and every house should have at least a few of their slipcased volumes, usually with exclusive illustrations, on its shelves.

These days, the membership model has changed: anyone can go on the Society's website and buy one or more of their books. Their adverts have started appearing on my Facebook feed, and that's how I knew of their amazing edition of Frank Herbert's Dune. The first printing sold out very quickly last year. A copy of this printing came across my desk this week, complete with the poster which came with it (but not with the currently selling second printing). It is a thing of beauty, and I was sorely tempted to keep it, not least because the world of Dune is not one I have ever entered (I've not even seen the film). But I'm a Bookseller, so I listed it on eBay, where it lasted less than two hours. It's now on its way to its new owner. Not before I photographed it though.

The fabulous illustrations are by Sam Weber.


  1. oh you must read Dune, one of my childhood books, I was 10 when I bought a remaindered copy from a reduced basket in the late 70's along with Lord of the rings it is one of my most reread series ever, mainly the first four but a truly amazing series, you should read Dune, there are so many small jokes though most of Geekdom linked to different bits of this book! from fear liturgy to the mind control and sand worms! and water and... oh just go read it! mean while I am off to get a folio one for my wall of folios!

    1. OK Ruan, I'll add it to my pile next time I get a copy in the Little Shop...