Saturday 14 July 2018

Fix up the Jag... A unique Withnail Collectible!

To celebrate the screenings of a certain film up at Crow Crag this weekend and next, here's a little Withnail treat. A little while back I came across a very special, one-off customised Withnail model Jaguar being offered for sale online, and I had to have it. No burglary was involved, and within days it arrived at the Little Shop. Its creator, the very talented model maker Joe Nagle has this to say about it:

"It was originally the colour that is underneath the bonnet [red], I went for a matt finish to replicate the Jag in the film, the wheels were wire spoked on the model but I had to hide this, also weathering and rust was matched to the original by using screen grabs. The finishing touches of course were the removal of the driver's side windscreen wiper and the correct number plate, but perhaps the most iconic thing about the car is the removal of the left headlight which just completes that Withnail look."

Thanks Joe! It's brilliant work, and is now safely in a case and on display at Withnail Books. It is NOT FOR SALE.

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