Sunday, 30 September 2018

Newly discovered! A long-lost tale of terror from the creator of Frankenstein.

By Mary Shelley

Newly discovered! A long-lost tale of terror from the creator of Frankenstein

Overlooked for nearly two centuries, and never included in any edition of Mary Shelley's work

A strictly limited, never-to-be-reprinted edition of 100 hand-numbered copies for sale

Each copy comes with an original, hand-printed linocut tipped in as a frontispiece

Many thanks to the people from quite literally all over the world who have ordered copies.

'The Ghost of the Private Theatricals' is a chilling short story, originally printed in the literary annual The Keepsake, credited simply to 'M.S.' 

Almost entirely forgotten for nearly two centuries, and never included in any collection of Shelley's work, it is now reprinted at last in a limited edition, with an extended Afterword by Adam Newell, giving the background to the first publication of the story, and presenting the persuasive evidence to show that 'M.S.' is, in fact, Mary Shelley. Newell has also uncovered a contemporary review which could give a clue to the story's origins...

Each copy includes an original, hand-printed linocut by Sharon Newell, inspired by the atmospheric location of the story, tipped in as a frontispiece.

A5 format, printed on uncoated 160gsm paper, 36pp plus a cover printed on heavy Rives Shetland paper.

Copies will be sent out on a first come, first served basis. In the UK, the price is £15, including postage. For the Rest of the World, the price is £23, including (unavoidably pricey!) airmail postage.

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Each copy includes an original, hand printed linocut.


I am very pleased with how this edition has turned out, and I have several people to thank. Firstly, Charles E. Robinson, for inspiring my "literary sleuthing" in the first place. Secondly, Sharon Newell, for labouring over 100 copies of her beautiful linocut illustration (which suits the story far better than Charles Heath's engraving in The Keepsake!). Last, but certainly not least, Martin Stiff at Amazing 15 for his typically superb design work. - A.N.