Monday 17 February 2014

Edwardian Self-Help Books for Women: How To Fold Serviettes, Cancel Engagements, And Make Cement

Leafing through the final pages of a book published in 1903 (the Lily Perks novel mentioned in the last blog entry in fact), I came across lots of adverts for other books from the same publisher. They're a fascinating glimpse into the concerns and day-to-day life of the well-to-do (or would-be well-to-do) lady or young gel of the time, whether it be the intricacies of 'love' (including how to handle 'intercourse between unconfessed lovers', which I fear is not as exciting as it sounds), how to make cement (I think it means 'glue', but I love the idea of Edwardian ladies building walls) and the essential skill of 'how to test damp beds'...

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