Sunday 6 April 2014

B.A.P. 01: History of Penrith, By Ewanian, 1894

If you run a second hand bookshop in Penrith, you're bound to become interested in, and try to stock whenever possible, books about the town, because:

a) it's interesting to learn about the history of the town in which you're based
b) interesting old books about Penrith on sale in a second hand bookshop in Penrith tend to sell very quickly (see a)

Several books about the town have come into, and swiftly out of, the Little Shop since it's been open, but this new arrival is a scarce title that's not been in stock before. So, in the first of an occasional series which shall be called Books About Penrith (B.A.P. for short), here's a quick look at History of Penrith, From the Earliest Record To The Present Time, by 'Ewanian' (aka William Furness), printed and published by William Furness in Penrith in 1894. It's not the first book exclusively about Penrith by any means (confusingly, there was the almost identically titled The History of Penrith, From the Earliest Period To The Present Time by Walker in 1858, for example), but I *think* it might be the first to include photographs amongst the illustrations. So here's a selection of them, including a cracking photo of Middlegate, in which you can see Furness's own establishment.

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