Sunday, 16 November 2014

How To Buy A Set Of James Bond First Editions For Less Than The Price Of A New Car. Or Indeed House.

The short answer is that you can make me an offer on this lot... Are they all first edition, first impressions? Of course not. That would be tens of thousands of pounds... I'd be happy to part with these for very considerably less than that...

Casino Royale, Live and Let Die and The Man With the Golden Gun (with its super-rare gun stamped on the front board) are First Edition Library facsimiles. The rest are all Cape 1st/later impressions (apart from Thunderball and Octopussy, which are 1st/1sts) with good quality repro jackets.

The real draw is the condition. All of them are clean and sharp, and there's only one name inscription (in You Only Live Twice). None are ex-library, which is pretty remarkable, as the vast majority of these later hardcover printings often ended up in libraries (if James Public wanted to buy a copy, they'd get one of the PAN paperbacks). If later printings of many books are anything to go by, then I'd wager that several of these later impressions had *lower* print runs than the first printings, so technically some of these could be *rarer* than the 1st/1sts! Hey, it's a point of view.

The Gardners and Bensons are all 1st/1sts (bar No Deals, Mr Bond, which is a 1st/2nd), all in VG+ to Fine condition, and some, as you'll see, are signed. Actually 4 of the Bensons are, though I've only showed one.

These'll be going on eBay soon as three big lots (all the Flemings, all the Gardners, and all the Bensons + the latest three novels), but in the meantime feast your eyes...


  1. The library editions were how I first read them :-) many memories in the covers for me... Hope they go to a good home that will love them for themselves :-)

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