Sunday, 12 July 2015

B.A.P.: The Penrith Swimming Club Jubilee Souvenir 1881-1931

It's been a while since we've had a B.A.P. (Books About Penrith) entry on this blog, so here's a look at an extremely rare, possibly even unique (I can't find another copy anywhere) survivor from 1931: a locally printed, rather grand booklet celebrating the Golden Jubilee of The Penrith Swimming Club, an institution justifiably proud of its then-status as the biggest swimming club in the British Isles. While it may not be able to claim that any longer, it looks like the club is still going: its website is here.

There are some wonderful vintage swimming costumes on display, plus a couple of rather nicely done 'decorations' (above and bottom) by an unnamed artist.

UPDATE: This has now gone to its new owner, which I'm glad to say is... the Penrith Swimming Club.


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